No matter how old or young you are, you can learn how to play ukulele… today! What you will learn:

  • Buy a Ukulele Right For You

  • Get in the Right Mindset to Play

  • Tune Your Ukulele

  • Hold Your Ukulele

  • Play Your First Ukulele Chord

  • Strum Your Ukulele With This Important Strumming Pattern

  • Play Your First Easy One-Chord Song On Ukulele

  • Take Your Skills and Learn Three More Easy Ukulele Songs

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You can learn to play Ukulele today even if you have no “natural” musical talent.

Whenever you tackle a new challenge like learning ukulele, it’s a big deal! It’s normal to face your own self doubt or fear. Don’t be hard on yourself and go into it with an open mind.


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